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AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su to deliver the opening keynote at Computex 2024

As memories of CES fade into the distance, the tech industry quickly turns its gaze to the rest of the 2024 event line up. One of the biggest is likely to be Computex, held once again this year at the Taipei World Trade Centre in Taiwan, and delivering the opening keynote is none other than AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su. It’s not the first time Dr. Su has held a keynote at the show, but I think this is her first time opening the show.

Last year it was Nvidia head-honcho Jensen Huang delivering the opening address, clad in his iconic leather jacket of GPU dreams. Big shoes to fill no doubt, but given that Computex this year seems to be focussed on—you guessed it—AI and AI PCs, and AMD seem to be taking major strides in that arena, there’s sure to be a lot of ground to cover.

In a press release on the Computex 2024 site, alongside the announcement of Dr Lisa Su’s address, six major themes were announced: AI computing, advanced connectivity, future mobility, immersive reality, sustainability and innovations.

Quite a varied list then, although much like CES 2024 be prepared for AI discussions to dominate the news feeds, as major industry players make announcements of all sorts of machine learning implementations, AI use-cases and developments in AI PC hardware.

According to the post, Dr Lisa Su is set to highlight the next generation of AMD products that are said to enable “new experiences and breakthrough AI capabilities from the cloud to the edge, PCs, and intelligent end devices”.

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Keynote speeches from representatives of Qualcomm, Intel, MediaTek, NXP, Supermicro and Delta were also announced, although with the speakers themselves remaining under wraps for now.

Last years Computex didn’t feature any huge reveals from AMD, although like all shows featuring the big names of the industry anything is possible. Still, with AI being on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment, we can hope that there’ll be something revealing about AMDs continued developments in AI and cloud computing.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Computex developments, rumours and more as we get closer to the expo itself. This year the show is said to be attracting 1,500 international and local exhibitors over 4,500 booths, so like the Computex of previous years it looks like there’ll be plenty of announcements, displays, live presentations and more to keep us very busy indeed.

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