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Cult of the Lamb developer would ‘love to’ add multiplayer, so it ‘isn’t off the table’

Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster has been pretty busy lately. Last month, it launched a chunky free update in the form of Sins of the Flesh, allowing cult leaders to lead their followers into depravity, something its unexpectedly thirsty community was more than happy to do. Now it’s planning “more content” and “more DLCs”, which might also take it in an unusual direction.

In an ongoing Reddit AMA, the topic of multiplayer has come up a lot. Players have been requesting this for a long time, which strikes me as a little strange for a game where you play an autocratic cult leader. I guess there’s potential in a more competitive streak, where cult leaders compete with each other? Either way, Massive Monster has been surprisingly receptive to the request.

“[It’s] something we’d love to do in the future if possible, but right now we are focused on making the next update,” said art director James Pearmain. In response to another multiplayer request, community manager Lorna P. added that it was “not off the table”.

Modding support has been another popular request, and something that perhaps makes a bit more sense than multiplayer. Unfortunately the team has no concrete plans for it yet, though it’s been discussed and might appear “later down the line”. Massive Monster might just be trying to be diplomatic here, but hey, you never know: we might see multiplayer and modding added in future updates.

It’s not clear how much time the team is going to dedicate to updating Cult of the Lamb, though it doesn’t seem like it has made any plans to cease development, even though the studio has already started thinking about its next game. When asked how much more is left to add to the game, the response was “No amount set in stone, we’re having so much fun working on Cult of the Lamb it’s hard to say.”

What the next update will bring to the table hasn’t been revealed yet, and given that Sins of the Flesh has only been out for a month there might be a bit of a wait. Massive Monster has also expressed an interest in doing more crossover updates, like last year’s Don’t Starve event, which introduced new items, decorations and a follower, as well as a survival mode, inspired by Klei’s cartoonishly spooky survival game.

The AMA kicked off six hours ago and will be running for 24 hours in total, so fans of murderous lambs should keep checking in.

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