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Enshrouded hits 2 million players, and those players have over 2,600 new feature requests

Like a storage chest that simply cannot fit another iron ingot, 2024 is creaking under the strain of so many dang survival games. And we’re barely two months in! Palworld blew up in January, Nightingale is out today, Pacific Drive launches Thursday, and Sons of the Forest is on the brink of its 1.0 release later this week, too.

And then there’s survival RPG Enshrouded, which glided into early access last month and quickly became a proper hit. Developer Keen Games announced today that it’s still going strong: over 2 million players have taken the plunge into Enshrouded’s mist-covered world, and it hasn’t even been out for 30 days yet.

All those players aren’t shy about making requests to the developers of the early access RPG, either: In a post on Steam today, Keen Games issued “a reminder that you can vote for one of the 2600+ player suggestions on our feedback platform.”

2,600? Plus? That is quite a lot of suggestions, but after skimming a few hundred of them, they mostly sound pretty sensible. Along with the most popular item of feedback, that quest progress be dependent on individual players rather than server-based, there are plenty of others requests I’d like to see answered, like calls for a weather system (some rain would be great), the addition of lakes and rivers (it’s always nice to build a house next to one), and a base raid system so all those player-made castles can be put to the test.

Enshrouded’s NPCs also leave a lot to be desired, especially since games like Palworld are positively bustling with followers and helpers. Players are asking for changes there, too: some wish characters like the blacksmith and farmer could at least walk around a little instead of standing in one spot all day, others want a companion who will actually follow them around and help out in fights (yes, please), and there are calls to add more friendly NPCs such as merchants that could be found in towns or wandering the map.

Keen Games has already completed about 40 items on that massive punch list of requests (like longer night-day transitions, lanterns so players don’t have to rely on torches, and craftable grappling points so players can sling themselves around their DIY bases). Sounds like there’s more on the way: “We’re hard at work on another patch that we hope to release shortly,” Keen Games said, “and work has started on the first content update, for which we hope to share plans soon!”

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