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How to find and kill Hunters in Helldivers 2

The new Personal Order sees you trying to kill Hunters in Helldivers 2, but as always, you might not have been paying attention to the names of the things that have killed you so far. I can almost guarantee you’ve been murdered by Hunters before, considering they’re one of the most troublesome, and possibly a little overtuned, enemies in the game.

If you’re setting out on your Hunter-hunting expedition, you’ll want to equip one of the best weapons and whack on a suit of the best armour—the Democracy Protects passive in-particular is very good against Hunters since it’ll make their melee attacks a little less deadly. Either way, here’s how to find and kill the Helldivers 2 Hunter enemies so you can get your daily Medals.

How to kill Hunters

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First off, Hunters are Terminid enemies, so you’ll find them in the orange coloured sections on the right side of the galaxy map. The good news is they are quite common and you can find them in most bug missions, though you’ll have an easier time tracking some down in the Eradicate Terminid Swarm vs. the open world exploration ones.

It’s easy to recognise Hunters since they’re the Terminid enemy type that hops around and jumps at you from a distance. Their other distinctive features are their white-ish colour and the little orange wings sticking out of the side of their head—check the screens above if you’re still unsure which ones I’m talking about.

Though they patrol the map and hang out all over, your best bet for finding them is to head for the red marked bug holes in each mission and check them, or they’ll likely pop out of a bug breach if the alarm is raised when you kill lots of Terminids. Due to their squishiness they are easy to kill if you can hit them, you just need an accurate weapon or at least one you can let loose with.

They might not be as troublesome as Chargers, but Hunters are definitely one of the worst Terminid enemies due to their ability to close long distances with their jump and attack fast. If you let yourself get surrounded by a group of them you basically have no chance.


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