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Here’s 30 minutes of American Truck Simulator: Montana to soothe your frazzled nerves

Just when you thought that you couldn’t take it anymore, here come the delightful people of SCS Software with a 30 minute gameplay preview of upcoming American Truck Simulator expansion, Montana. You can find the video on YouTube.

“But Jon,” some might say, their slack-jawed ignorance obvious, “this is just 30 minutes of a truck rolling through the varied and fascinating terrain of Montana.”

To which I say: Yes, and thank God for it. I put all 30 minutes on a second monitor while working and I feel positively mellowed.

It’s a delightful taste of Americana: “Prime Rib,” bellows the sign on a steakhouse across the intersection from a place selling prefab sheds. It’s also a reminder of just how far American Truck Simulator has come. These new states added since its debut are so detailed compared to the start that they’re forcing developers SCS Socftware to go back and revise those early states. They’ve been posting about that all year.

You can find American Truck Simulator: Montana on Steam, where it will release on August 4th. After that they’re doing Texas, which to be honest should be insane. Everything’s bigger in Texas.

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