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This game wants to blend survival and tycoon games in a race to build a moon colony

An upcoming blend of genres wants to put you in the boots of an astronaut commander running a mission to the moon in the near future. Moonshot wants you to manage the program that gets you there, then build the colony infrastructure that will enable your team to be the ones dominant on the moon.

Moonshot’s intent is that the game will be pretty realistic, unlike most other sci-fi survival games. Challenges of space like oxygen management, and the limitations of current technology, will be key to its plans. It’ll also be cooperative, letting players “join forces to build the ultimate Moon colony and even prepare for a Mars expedition.”

Developer Bearded Brothers is aiming to release Moonshot into early access in the third quarter of 2025.

“Moonshot is a realistic space-themed game that combines survival and tycoon genre elements, set in the exciting backdrop of the 2027 space colonization race. Players step into the shoes of a pioneering team leader, tasked to become the first astronaut to set foot on the Moon since 1972. The game challenges you to build and manage rockets, oversee a skilled team, and strategically navigate the lunar landscape using near-future, realistically depicted technology,” said Bearded Brothers in a press release.

There’s obviously a lot of appeal here, as ultra-niche and quite hardcore games like Stationeers have focused on the genre for some time. It seems like Moonshot wants to be a bit less hardcore and simulation-focused while still maintaining at least a veneer of realism.

You can find Moonshot on Steam. It’s developed in Poland by Bearded Brothers Games. Here are some screenshots:

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