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How to complete Loving Yourself, Your Way in World of Warcraft

Loving Yourself, Your Way is a daily quest you can pick up during World of Warcraft‘s annual Love is in the Air event. It gives you three options, so you can essentially choose how to complete it, but the one that appears to be the easiest can cause you trouble if you don’t do it correctly.

This daily quest isn’t always available either—you’ll get one of two possible quests each day from the NPCs Ning (Horde) or Ying (Alliance), but with that said, it’s worthwhile knowing how to complete it ready for the next time it pops up. If you’re stuck trying to finish Loving Yourself, Your Way, here’s how to complete this seasonal quest so you can breeze through it for the rest of the event.

How to complete WoW Loving Yourself, Your Way

You need to complete two introductory quests for Love is in the Air to unlock the daily quests associated with the event. The first, aptly named Love is in the Air, can be picked up from an NPC in Valdrakken or other major cities and leads you to your respective faction’s event area—outside Stormwind City or Orgrimmar.

Once handed in, you can pick up Take a Look Around from the same NPC, which introduces you to the vendors and NPCs in the area. After you complete this, daily quests will become available.

You’ll find Ning—or Ying—easily enough as they’ll have a blue quest marker. You’ll pick up one of two dailies, The Gift of Relaxation or Loving Yourself, Your Way. If you get the latter, you’ll have three options to choose from:

A challenge: You need to find and defeat a specific enemy near Goldshire or Razer Hill, depending on your faction.Something tasty: Eat specific treats bought from the Gala of Gifts vendors.A nap: Take a nap at Lion’s Pride in or at Razer Hill, again, depending on your faction.

The first and the third options are both pretty straightforward, though you’ll need to travel to complete them. The second option, Something Tasty, only requires you to purchase Treat Packages from nearby vendors and eat five of the treats contained within. Make sure you sit for the full duration so the treat can register for the quest objective. If you get up too quickly, it won’t count.

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