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2023’s GOTY becomes Baldy’s Gate 3 with mod that parts Astarion’s hair like Moses did the Red Sea

If life really is a simulation, and we become aware that it is, I’m looking forward to installing the mod that will stop my hair from receding. Until then the opposite is now possible for Astarion’s hair in Baldur’s Gate 3 thanks to a new Nexus mod from loregamer.

You can do a lot of terrible things in Baldur’s Gate 3, but I think relieving the central real estate of Astarion’s head of its hair is up there with brutally punting a squirrel into a rock face.

Perhaps this was meant to be. The extremely astute out there may have noticed that the word ‘bald’ actually appears within the name of the game. Curious don’t you think? A detail that promoted one of the early great memes of the game, when a version of the cover art was posted on the subreddit in which each character was bald, and the title simply read ‘Bald’. The prophecy is being fulfilled.

This post from Reddit user moristendie appeared six months ago. It’s one of the most upvoted of all time on the subreddit with currently over twenty thousand upvotes. It seems the appetite for the bare tip of fantasy character heads is a healthy one.

Countless people have undoubtedly spent hours trying to romance the party’s seductive vampire spawn. I think it’s fair to assume that his undisputedly beautiful hair has much to do with the allure. I wonder if that would remain the case if this modded version of the beloved Astarion was the default.

The style of the baldness itself is also making a statement. The central hair has been parted similarly to how Moses did the Red Sea, leaving two separated bodies of hair along each side as if to say “look at the top of my head”. It’s a deliberate style, in a world surrounded by literal blades and sharp objects, this version of Astarion has stuck with what is left on his head and I respect him for it. It’s worth noting that I personally think Astarion could pull off a fully bald look, trim those edges and I’d be even more in.

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