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A New Vegas mod that added Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit was thought lost for 7 years⁠—until someone finally found it on their hard drive

A Fred Durst New Vegas companion who speaks only in Limp Bizkit sound clips⁠—alright, so far, so NexusMods. But what about a Limp Bizkit New Vegas mod that was thought lost forever since 2016 or so? Thanks to Twitter user UsagiCola (and brought to a wider audience by Elder Scrolls YouTuber Micky D), the Fred Durst mod is no longer lost media.

Aside from a vestigial Reddit post, the YouTube video “My Fred Durst Mod for Fallout: NV (**LORE FRIENDLY**)” remained the only evidence of New Vegas Fred Durst’s passing. Initially released in 2015, it seems that within a year or so the mod was already wiped from the New Vegas Nexus. “Yo wtf did this get taken down” opined commenter lindraw approximately seven years ago. “I think it did, sorry :(” replied mod author lb8068. “I recently reformatted my computer so I doubt I have any of the files left over here.”

That would have been the end of New Vegas Fred Durst, after all, what is one lost shitpost mod in an ocean made up entirely of shitpost mods? It is the New Vegas Fred Durst mod’s miraculous rediscovery that truly elevates it. The achievement seems fairly anticlimactic, however. “Anyone following me because of the Fred Durst mod I’m sorry but I don’t actually have anything to do with that stuff,” UsagiCola wrote on Twitter. “I just happened to have it saved and helped archive it.”

But with my life seeming to consist of 62% pointless internet esoterica these days, the thought of a bit being committed to this hard, something as pointless as Fallout New Vegas Fred Durst being saved from the abyss and being made available to all? Well, that’s just a little bit magical. While you can download New Vegas Fred Durst for yourself over on Google Drive, its original author notes that it has corrupted players’ save files in the past, so do so at your own risk.

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