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Baldur’s Gate 3’s most beloved voice is joining Fallout 4’s most ambitious mod as Astarion actor Neil Newbon bares his fangs on the streets of London

Fallout 4’s mega-ambitious, DLC-sized, and indiscriminately British expansion mod Fallout: London is rapidly approaching its official release date of April 23, and to mark the occasion its creators have released its final (of many) progress videos, showcasing the mod’s state ahead of its release and revealing a few appetite-whetting tidbits to pique your interest. First and foremost? Those mad lads have gotten Neil Newbon—Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion—to lend his voice to the project.

We don’t get to hear Newbon’s character speak, but we do get a brief shot of him getting up to something presumably ASBO-worthy in London’s post-apocalyptic boroughs. I’m pretty certain every party member from BG3 has their own cult following, but I think you could call Newbon’s seductive, foppish Astarion a breakout character among breakout characters. Getting the award-winning actor on board is quite a coup for a mod project, and I’m very curious to see just how much of Newbon ends up being in the final release.

The video didn’t dedicate its entire 14-minute runtime to Newbon, mind you. There are plenty of other actors joining the expansion’s cast, too. Joining Newbon are A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Anna Demtriou, popular YouTuber Call Me Kevin, figures from the Bethesda modding scene, and “many more that we are going to hold in store for you.”

Honestly, I wouldn’t be too shocked if the project announced it had snagged Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale somehow. Fallout: London is one of those mods that’s so big and professional that you feel like the term “mod” undersells it. Like The Nameless Mod or Tamriel Rebuilt, it increasingly seems like a full-on game that just so happens to be built using another one’s tools.

That’s probably why PCG’s Chris Livingston called the mod the true best announcement of 2021’s E3, and why it occupies pride of place in our list of the five most ambitious Fallout mods in development right now. Here’s hoping the final product lives up to our excitement when it hits this April.

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