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Blood Bowl 3 gets Wood Elves, Resurrection mode, and a new roadmap

Blood Bowl 3 continues to trundle along somewhere between life and death, receiving a seasonal pass update every three months including a new team. Following last season’s addition of the Shambling Undead, Season 4 brings us an agility team: Wood Elves.

In previous editions of tabletop Blood Bowl the Wood Elves were top tier, and while they’ve slipped a little in the ranking since there are still reasons to pick them. Reason number one being they’re actually decent at picking up and passing the ball, if you’re one of those sickos who is into winning a match by scoring points rather than by murdering the opposition—though their Wardancers and especially Treemen are capable of doing some damage if they get the chance.

One weakness of teams like the Wood Elves was how expensive their players were. They died easily and cost a lot to replace, meaning that if you got matched with a power team right off the bat you could easily wind up struggling to afford replacements for injured or dead players. One way around that is to play in Resurrection Mode, a format where teams reset their roster after each match, which has also been added to Blood Bowl 3 as part of Season 4.

The patch notes mention the addition of custom teams and tweaks like “Various minor ai improvements.” There’s also a new roadmap for 2024, outlining this year’s upcoming seasonal updates. Frustratingly, crossplay has been moved back to Season 5, beginning June 11, after having been promised on the previous roadmap as a Season 3 addition due in November of last year. And if like me you’ve been waiting for the return of Eternal Leagues so you don’t have to keep starting new ones, they won’t be here until Season 7 in December.

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