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Cyberpunk’s latest patch means the cops now care if you kill drunk NPCs

CD Projekt Red may be done adding new features to Cyberpunk 2077, but the studio isn’t completely finished with the game yet. It’s still issuing patches to fix bugs and further refine both the core game’s much-improved experience and its excellent expansion Phantom Liberty. The latest patch, 2.11, makes a wide array of tweaks and adjustments.

The headline fix is simple and to the point: “melee finishers will now work properly.” Previously some players were reporting a bug whereby the finishing animations for the game’s melee weapons (katanas, mantis blades etc) weren’t triggering, with V instead half-heartedly slicing enemies to death. Now players can enjoy V’s creative finishers in all their grisly glory.

While this is the most substantial mechanical fix the patch brings, it’s by no means the only one. Fixes run from the highly specific (“Fixed an issue where it was possible to get killed by a quickhack while Berserk is active, despite its feature ensuring that health cannot drop below 25%”) to the amusingly weird (“Fixed an issue that could cause loot to float in the air as well as reappear in the same spot after picking it up.”)

By far my favourite though is “killing NPCs who are drunk or using a braindance will now properly trigger the police system.” There’s something highly amusing about the idea of Cyberpunk giving you a free pass on icing people who are absolutely tanked. Having walked through Manchester city centre at 1am on a Saturday, it’s a sentiment I can understand.

Elsewhere, the frequency of car chases has been reduced, while you won’t risk losing a chunk of money by buying a car only for it to not be added to the ‘owned vehicles’ list. Motorcycles have also seen their brakes and suspension tuned, while all vehicles now simulate “Brake Torque Vectoring,” which apparently reduces understeer on certain vehicles during hard braking. The more you know.

Finally, patch 2.11 adds a new option to the settings menu that expands radio management functionality. For starters, players can now “sync to vehicle radio” to continue playing music after exiting a vehicle. You can also change the settings to cycle through radio stations just by pressing the Radioport button, and check the “save current station” option to have the radio resume playing when you load a saved game.

You can read the full patch notes here. While CD Projekt may have wrapped-up work on Cyberpunk 2077, the company is already going hard on the sequel, with the game’s narrative director boldly declaring the original was “just a warm-up” for what CD Projekt now have planned. Bold talk given Cyberpunk took three years to get to where it should really have been on launch. Then again, it did get there.

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