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How to make fruit roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you’re looking for fruit roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s likely you’ve just arrived in the town of Melve and have acquired the Medicament Predicament quest from Flora. In classic RPG fashion, this little girl doesn’t have enough money to pay for the medicine that her family needs, so asks you to get it for her instead.

You can, of course, simply buy the fruit roborant from the apothecary, but it’ll cost you a fair bit of gold—less than ideal when you presumably want to outfit yourself with better equipment first. Luckily, you can find and make fruit roborant yourself, so here’s both the recipe and the locations you can get it to complete the quest.

How to get fruit roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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While you can simply buy fruit roborant from the Melve apothecary just behind where Flora is standing, it’s a bit expensive early in the game.

The good news is that you craft fruit roborant by combining two ingredients in your inventory:

Morningtide + dried fruit = fruit roborant

Simply select one of the ingredients and choose combine to mix them together. Morningtide is a pretty common herb that looks similar to greenwarish, while you can find dried fruit, or craft it yourself by combining ripened fruit. You can ripen fruit by picking it and then just leaving it in your inventory for a little while, though be careful that you don’t leave it so long that it becomes rotten instead.

If you’re struggling to acquire morningtide, you can also find fruit roborant in two locations close to Melve. You can reach the first by heading north-east along the main path towards the Northern Vermund Checkpoint. You’ll spot a chest guarded by some goblins off to the left side of the track. This contains fruit roborant.

The second is in a chest in a goblin-infested shack to the north of Melve. Head north until you reach the campsite and the stone bridge, then cross the bridge and stick to the left track. Keep going and you’ll find a destructible rope bridge leading across to a shack guarded by some goblins. Defeat these and you can grab fruit roborant from the chest inside.

Bring the fruit roborant back to Flora and she’ll give you the Ring of Exultation, which grants you extra health. She also promises that her granddad will reward you later.

Where to find Flora’s granddad

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Once you arrive in Vernworth, you’ll find Flora and her granddad in the central area of the Merchant’s Quarter near to the dragon-slaying statue, where they’re running a market stall together. Flora’s granddad will give you a discount on all his goods, but if you talk to Flora again, she’ll give you the Chirurgeon’s Tome to use on your pawns. This gives them a specialism that lets them use restorative items on you and other pawns.

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