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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Seeker’s Token locations and where to spend them

You could easily spend hundreds of hours looking for Seeker’s Tokens in Dragon’s Dogma 2. There are 240 of these collectable coins scattered across the game’s sprawling open world; sometimes they’re hidden in enemy-infested caves, but most often you’ll encounter them while traversing hard-to-reach places and secret nooks and crannies.

Unless you’re a completionist, you’re unlikely to collect all of them, especially as the rewards for doing so are lacklustre. Still, as you’ll invariably encounter tokens, they’re a good way of passively getting rewards without having to go out of your way. Rather than attempt to list them all, here are ten Seeker’s Token locations in the Melve starting area that are easy to collect while exploring, getting you started, and unlocking the initial rewards.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Seeker’s Token locations

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Here are ten Seeker’s Tokens that are easy to grab while you’re exploring the first area of Melve:

1. When you start making your way from the Borderwatch Outpost towards Melve, look off to the left side of the trail for a gap between some cliffs above the water that you can jump across. There should also be a couple of harpies flying nearby. The ledge on the opposite side has a chest, and behind that, you’ll find your first Seeker’s Token.

2. This token can be found on the top of Dracanward Tower when you first arrive in Melve. The tower is easy to spot since it’s the stone one with the giant ballista on top that shot down that griffin you were riding when you first escaped from captivity. The Seeker’s Token is just next to the ballista.

3. When heading north from Melve, climb the rocks to find a small raised plateau with wooden structures, plus a number of goblins and harpies. After beating the enemies, search the harpy nests on top of the rock at the centre to find this token.

4. This Seeker’s Token is located just underneath the campsite by the stone bridge to the north of Melve. Go under the bridge via its right side and head along the cliff ledge a little way until you spot this token.

5. Cross the bridge by the campsite north of Melve and take the left path up into the rocks. Follow the trail up past some goblins and harpies until you come to a wooden rope bridge leading across to a wooden shack. Instead of crossing, look right for a harpy nest on the cliff edge with this Seeker’s Token inside.

6. Collecting this token will likely require you to fight a cyclops. When travelling up to the far north above Melve, you’ll find Eini’s Home, and just above it, a headless statue in a cliff top clearing. As mentioned, there’s a cyclops in this area you’ll likely have to vanquish, but the token itself is hidden behind that headless statue.

7. This Seeker’s Token is only accessible via the Mountain’s Secret cave above Eini’s Home. When you emerge on the other side you’ll find a riftstone next to a wooden shack, and inside that, a token resting on a crate.

8. You can grab this token on your way out of Melve with the soldiers accompanying you to the capital. Look for a boulder off to the right side of the trail you can smash, then follow the secret path up to a headless statue on a cliff. From here, drop down to the plateau below to find a gravestone with a Seeker’s Token in front of it.

9. These last two Seeker’s Tokens are located on the second floor of the Waterfall Cave dungeon, which you can visit on your way out of Melve with the soldiers. To gain entry, take the rising path behind the Borderland Campgrounds campsite, climb the rocks, then cross the river to spot the cave entrance. While steering clear of the chimeara boss, you can find this first token hidden behind a destructible boulder in a little passage with a chest.

10. This second Waterfall Cave token is quite close by. You’ll find an academic’s study area with lots of scrolls on the second floor—resist opening the chest in the centre unless you’re ready to throw down—but off to the side of it there’s a ledge with a rope ladder you can kick down. Look to the right of this to spy some crates, and just behind them, a token.

Seeker’s Tokens rewards and how to spend them

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You can spend your Seeker’s Tokens at any Vocation Guild in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but the first proper one you’re likely to encounter is in the capital city of Vernworth, after the main story takes you there. Though marked on the map, the guild location itself is a tad confusing to find since it’s directly below the inn—just look for the entrance archway by the stairs.

The Seeker’s Token rewards aren’t especially great, or at least, probably not great enough to justify you purposefully hunting them all down unless you’re looking to do every single thing in the game.

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