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How to unlock vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’ll have to put in a bit of legwork if you want to unlock all the vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You’ll start off with four, but you can unlock another six as you play through the story. So whether you want to be a burly fighter who wants to jump into the middle of the action, or you’d rather hang back at the sidelines, picking off enemies from a safe distance, there’s a class for you.

In this guide, I’ll cover what you need to know about each Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocation, including how to unlock each one, and how to switch between them.

How to change vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Four vocations are automatically available for you at the beginning of the game. You’ll choose which one you want to start with in character creation, but you can buy others as soon as you reach the first inn at Borderwatch Outpost.

The starting vocations are:


Each vocation needs 100 Dcp—or Discipline—to unlock and once purchased, you can switch between them for no additional cost at any Vocation Guild—or innkeeper if they have the option. Dcp is earned through completing quests and killing enemies so you’ll naturally acquire more as you play.

Each vocation has its own Weapon Skills and Core Skills, and you’ll need more Dcp to unlock these. The number each vocation starts with is limited, but more will become available as you rank up.

Augments work slightly differently in that, once unlocked by ranking up a specific vocation, that Augment can then be used on any other vocation you switch to. This means you can purposely rank up a vocation you might not want to play in order to access an Augment that might be beneficial to your main vocation.

How to unlock the Warrior and Sorcerer vocations

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Once you reach the capital of Vernworth—don’t worry, the main quests lead you here—you will find your first dedicated Vocation Guild housed just beneath the inn. Speak to the guildhead, and he’ll mention other vocations, but you need a couple of items before you can learn them. Naturally, this sets you up with a quest, Vocation Frustration. Here’s what you need to do:

Speak to the armorer in Vernworth.Head to the Trevo Mine.Locate the Greatsword and archistaff inside separate chests.Return these items to the Vocation Guild.

The armorer, Roderick, is just a short walk from the Guild Hall so go and speak to him to learn the whereabouts of the stolen items. Once it’s been marked on your map, you can make your way to that location.

Trevo Mine isn’t particularly far, but there are a few enemies you’ll need to deal with along the way. If you want to rest up before entering, there’s a campfire on the path that leads north, just before you reach it.

The mine it’s itself is infested with goblins and the path inside is a large loop, so don’t worry too much about which path to take. You’ll find the greatsword inside an ornate chest with a locked door—don’t worry, you don’t need to open this—and the archistaff is found at the end of a short corridor to the north of the area with two wooden walkways. Look for the entrance on the bottom level. Once you have both items, you can head back to the Vocation Guild and hand over both weapons to unlock the Warrior and Sorcerer vocations.

How to unlock the Trickster vocation

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You can unlock the Trickster vocation as soon as you reach Battahl. Head towards the Reverent Shrine east of Enoa’Battahl Forest, in the northern part of the region. There you’ll meet the oracle Luz. As well as giving you some quest guidance like all oracles, talking to her will unlock the Trickster vocation.

You’ll also eventually have to head to this shrine as part of the main story, so there’s also no problem if you decide to wait.

How to unlock the Mystic Spearhand vocation

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You can unlock the Mystic Spearhand by talking to Sigurd about his fighting style when you defend Melve from a dragon. This occurs after you’re told to visit Melve again by Captain Brant in Vernworth, so don’t worry about missing it.

There are instances where the post-fight conversation might not trigger. If you missed Sigurd after the fight, you can still find him in Melve, unless the village’s leader, Ulrika, has left the settlement as part of the Readvent of Calamity quest. If that happens before you talk to him, you’ll find him in the Coastal Hut in the eastern part of Harve Village.

How to unlock the Magick Archer vocation

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This vocation is unlockable once you gain access to the Agamen Volcano Island to the south of Battahl, either through the main story and Bakbattahl palace, or via the Drabbnir’s Grotto cave in the south. If you go via the grotto, you’ll meet an old man called Gautstafr on the road who asks you to pick some wildflowers for him to relieve his back pain. Help him out and he’ll invite you to his home on a little island just to the north.

When you arrive you’ll meet his wife, Cliodnha, who is very suspicious of you. Gaustafr will throw out his back again, fetching your reward, which is when you can talk to him and offer to escort him to the hot springs in the Volcanic Island Camp to the east. If you do this, Cliodnha will appear and thank you for helping her husband. She reveals that she’s a Magick Archer and teaches you the vocation.

How to unlock the Warfarer vocation

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Warfarer is likely the last vocation you’ll unlock, given its location and requirements. As with the Magick Archer above, you’ll need to get to the Volcanic Island camp, on Agamen Volcanic Island.

Once you reach the camp, head over the bridge to Geyser Hamlet, where you’ll find a drunk human, Lamond, sitting down outside the hot springs. He’s thirsty, and will only accept a bottle of newt liquor. This is a very rare item, but you can find a bottle of it in Windwaker’s Home, which you can enter by following our Magick Archer instructions. You can also craft it by combining fruit wine and a saurian tail. The wine is a quest reward from Raghnall, which you’ll receive after a brawl outside the inn in Bakbattahl. Saurian tails, on the other hand, are easier to come by: just fight some saurians and chop off their tails. The drop rate is not 100%, but it should only take a couple of tries.

Unfortunately, Lamond wants three bottles—something that’s not immediately obvious. Do not give him any newt liquor straight away, though. Since the liquor and the ingredients to make a new bottle are so rare, you’ll probably just have one or two at this point. The simplest way to get more is by visiting Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in the Checkpoint Rest Town. He can duplicate any item for a fee, as many times as your wallet allows. Once you have all three bottles, give them to Lamond and he’ll finally teach you the ways of the Warfarer.

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