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Final Fantasy 14 is giving you another chance to nab one of the coolest mounts in the game for the first time in over 2 years

After 3,000 hours I have my fair share of cool mounts in Final Fantasy 14 and before I managed to nab my beloved Ceberus, the Regalia Type-G was one of my most-used by far. It’s a convertible, three of your friends can hop in, and each seat even has its own special pose for every race. Unfortunately, it’s locked behind the limited-time collaboration event with Final Fantasy 15.

The event originally ran in December 2018 before returning in September 2021, thanks to huge fan demand. That was pre-Endwalker madness though, and a lot of people came along to the game right after the rerun was over. Thankfully, it’s set to come back once more.

The “A Nocturne for Heroes” event returns on February 28 and it’ll run until March 13. There are a couple of prerequisites to be able to participate: You’ll need to be at least level 50 and have completed The Ultimate Weapon, which is the final quest of 2.0. They’re both relatively easy requirements at this point, so even newbies shouldn’t have too hard a time getting there.

The hardest thing will probably be how expensive the Regalia is, especially if you’re not a frequent dweller of the Gold Saucer. The mount is tucked away in the casino and costs 200,000 MGP. It’s definitely doable with a bit of preparation—you’ve got three weeks to do your fashion reports, win big on the Cactpot or religiously participate in the Mini Cactpot every day—but it’s definitely worth knowing if you’re looking a little short on that currency right now.

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The Regalia isn’t the only goodie up for grabs, either. Completing all the quests in the collaboration will net you with Noctis’s outfit, and you can pick up his hairstyle from the Gold Saucer for 20,000 MGP. You can’t use it on viera or hrothgar though, boo. There are also orchestrion rolls for some Final Fantasy 15 songs like Hammerhead, Valse di Fantastica, and A Quick Pit Stop by participating in the event FATE. There’s even a Triple Triad card if you’re a hopeless card collector like myself.

I’m glad to see Square Enix isn’t afraid to bring this event back—I know, it’s been over two years, but we’ve had to wait a lot longer for some events and, if you’re a Yokai Watch fan, you’re still eagerly anticipating a rerun. This is easily one of the events I see most requested to return though, and it’s nice that newer fans will be able to get in on the fun. Just remember folks, Numpad 0 is the default binding to target the nearest NPC. You’ll thank me when you try to pick up the quest alongside hundreds of other Warriors of Light.

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