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How to find and kill Devastators in Helldivers 2

You’re likely looking to kill Devastators in Helldivers 2 so you can complete your daily Personal Order and get a hefty dose of Medals to spend on your Warbond. The problem is, Helldivers doesn’t really tell you enemy names—unless you get murdered by them that is. Similar to Scout Striders and Chargers in previous Personal Orders, you might need a little pointing in the right direction.

If you want to take down 15 Devastators quickly, it’ll make sense to be using the best weapons and the best Stratagems, especially since these bot enemies are pretty well armoured. Either way, here’s how to find and kill Devastators in Helldivers 2 so you can get those Medal rewards.

How to kill Devastators

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Since Devastators are Automaton enemies, you’ll find them on the left side of the big galaxy map where all the red sections are. If you’ve been fighting Terminids this whole time and not paying attention to the broader strokes of galactic domination—the Automatons are invading, and we have to defend a series of planets, otherwise retake them once the bots are dug in.

The best way to find and kill this enemy in-particular is via Planet Defense missions, particularly Eradicate Automaton Forces. They’ll also appear in the Retrieve Essential Personnel missions, but these are a lot harder. As I highlighted when talking about farming XP and Medals from the former, there are lots of bot enemy types in these missions that are very easy to kill, including Devastators. You can set up Mortar Sentries and chuck down airstrikes as the bots drop from their ships, and chances are you’ll rack up those Devastator kills in a few missions without even realising it.

That said, if you want to know what Devastators look like, you can check the screen above—they are big armoured robots around the same size as the dual chainsaw-wielding Berserkers, but these just have regular ranged weapons. There are two variants; the normal Devastator, and the far more dangerous Rocket Devastator, which as the name suggests has a couple of rocket pods on its shoulders. Worth noting you can shoot these off, though.

Besides airstriking, throwing grenades, or using the Grenade Launcher to spam grenades at them, the best way to kill Devastators is to shoot them in their tiny heads. The rest of their body is armoured, but they have a little head peeking out in the centre you can blast to take them out more efficiently.


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