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Lego goes all-out on a 3,745 piece D&D set with its own bespoke TTRPG adventure, but it’ll set you back a dragon’s ransom of $360

As announced last year, a D&D and LEGO collab has been in the works for the TTRPG’s 50th anniversary—including a LEGO Ideas set (formerly called Dragon Keep: Journey’s End, now titled A Red Dragon’s Tale), which was devised by a fan designer by the name of Lucas Bolt.

The set’s going to be a stonking 3,745 pieces, and it’ll arrive with six unique minifigures and some monsters made out of bricks: A displacer beast, a beholder, some myconids, a mimic, and what appears to be a gelatinous cube which is, ah, a little less good than that promo suggested judging by this trailer, but the rest of the cast here is cute as heck.

I’m especially a fan of the Owlbear. He’s about to tear that adventurer a new one, but look at him.

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What’s more, the set will also have its own bespoke D&D adventure that’ll be free to download for LEGO Insiders, which as far as I can tell only requires a free account. However, the adventure will also arrive on D&D Beyond alongside character sheets for the minis provided by the set. There’ll also be a paperback version available, but only for 2,700 “insider points”, which you gain from buying other LEGO products.

The Red Dragon’s Tale itself will be on sale $360 via the online store April 1 (April 4 if you’re not a Lego Insider)—which is a lot pricier than most D&D miniature map sets. Dwarven Forge, for example, has full painted terrain sets for about $124-198 depending on how fancy you’d like to get with them. Still, this is a novelty item for a big-name crossover—and the fan designer will be getting a small part of the proceeds.

Speaking of, Lucas Bolt will also be taking part in a live streamed one-shot April 6, alongside LEGO designer Jordan Scott and some D&D guest stars. It’ll be streamed on the LEGO website as well as D&D’s YouTube and Twitch Channel, and here’s a full rundown of the star-studded cast:

Anjali Bhimani, who has starred on both Critical Role’s UndeadWood, Exandria Unlimited, and Candela Obscura—as well as Dimension 20’s The Ravening War.Luis Carazo, who has starred on Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited, Candela Obscura, and Geek & Sundry’s LA by Night.Ginny Di, a popular D&D YouTuber and cosplayer with a killer Jester impression.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more excited to see these folks take to the digital screen together—Luis Carazo absolutely killed it in Exandria Unlimited: Calamity as Zerxus, and I’ve been following along with Ginny Di’s videos for a while now. Then again, I’m also just not a big LEGO head, and for the folks occupying the Venn diagram overlap of TTRPG-lover and brick gourmand, April’s gonna be a really good month.

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