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Palworld players have found an ingenious bug that lets them infinitely mount and butcher the same pal for parts

Good news: Palworld players have found yet another way to get one over on the system by violating the laws of god and man alike. Not content with killing the game’s bosses using physics-defying staircases, they’ve got a new trick: butchering their pals without killing them thanks to a well-timed mounting.

Obviously, that sentence is completely self-explanatory and you need no further information, but since we’re both here I might as well write some more about how it works. Over on Reddit, enterprising Palworldians have figured out that, if you just hop on a pal’s back immediately after you’re done carving them up for parts, they mysteriously fail to die, returning to your inventory and ready to be butchered again ad nauseum.

You can see the process in action in the video above, where Reddit user yashpwnz repeatedly strips a Frostallion down for parts before hopping on its back right as the butchering ends. The game doesn’t exactly take well to that: yashpwnz almost immediately falls off Frostallion’s back as the pal bugs out and slips through the surface of the Earth, but who cares? As far as Palworld is concerned, the pal is still alive in the player’s inventory, ready to be summoned—and butchered—again.

It’s a nifty and harrowing exploit, and players are divided in their reactions between horror and admiration. “Dude this would’ve been SO HELPFUL for getting the AR schematic from Blazamut,” writes a user named LC_reddit, right beneath a comment from RedditedYoshi which just says “What the fuck is this game about.”

A mixed response, then, but you can’t deny the usefulness of being able to plunder the same pal for parts as many times as you please. I suspect players will be milking this one for all it’s worth before Pocketpair patches it out. They might have more time than they think: the developer has been out and about recently talking about how desperate it is for new staff, noting that it’s “overwhelmingly short of people” to run its eye-poppingly popular game.

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