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Please behold the glory of the PowerWash Simulator x Warhammer 40K DLC trailer, with release to follow this month

The grim darkness of the far future is going to shine a little brighter this month, as PowerWash Simulator‘s latest crossover DLC will hit on February 27, taking you to the world of Warhammer 40,000. A trailer released today takes a good long look at the job of a holy tech priest of Mars seeking to cleanse the sacred war gear of the machine god. (That is to say, power wash it.)

The trailer shows off both single and co-op multiplayer grim future power washing, including such beloved Warhammer 40K objects as a Land Raider, Thunderhawk Gunship, Redemptor Dreadnought, Knight Paladin, and a Rogal Dorn Battle Tank.

I am on record as thinking this crossover is an incredible idea—suds for the sud god, I said—and I am still really into it as we near a release and get this new trailer. “Our tool, the Mark 2 Aquasantica Arquabus” is where I lost it in the trailer, as the narrator grumbles along in absolute dedication to the faux-Latin that pervades Warhammer 40,000.

“Just because Warhammer 40,000 is grimdark, it doesn’t have to be dirty! Get ready for the crossover of the year as PowerWash Simulator heads into the 41st Millennium,” said Warhammer 40k publishers Games Workshop in their own post.

“On the 27th of February, you can take your well-drilled Adeptus Mechanicus maintenance skills to an assortment of muddied Imperial relics, from the tracks of a Rogal Dorn battle tank to the lofty carapace of a towering Imperial Knight. Everything from the vehicles to the environment is recreated in exacting detail, including a full Sacristan Forgeshrine and even the surface of Mars itself outside an ornate stained glass window,” they continue elsewhere. You can accuse Games Workshop of a lot of things but you definitely can’t fault its commitment to the lore in this most weirdo of licensed crossovers.

PowerWash Simulator might feel like a ridiculous gimmick, and it kind of is, but also people unironically love it for the calming effect that making the world a nicer, cleaner place can have, even if just digitally.

“PowerWash Simulator lets me obliterate dirt into nothing and now I’m more powerful than ever,” said PC Gamer’s Rachel Watts back in 2020, succinctly and precisely explaining its appeal for all time.

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