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Resident Evil 4 remake sold well over 6M copies, comprehensive gold edition coming this week

The Resident Evil 4 remake is closing in on 6.5 million copies sold, with Capcom reporting that 6.48 million units have been sold since its 2023 launch. The remake of the 2005 survival horror classic drew widespread attention, as Resident Evil 4 is one of the series’ most beloved and bizarre entries. The remake was launched to huge acclaim in 2023, and hit 3 million copies sold in just two days.

“Resident Evil 4, launched in March 2023, contributed to sales growth, reaching 6.48 million units cumulatively, supported by ongoing promotional measures,” said Capcom in a public financial report document summarizing the first nine months of this financial year. Based on earlier numbers, that’s an additional million copies from October to December 2023. Capcom also reported healthy net sales growth over the previous financial year.

Not specifically to celebrate or anything, but Capcom has also announced that a gold edition of Resident Evil 4 will release this week, on February 9, 2024. It’s a bundle that will come with both the Separate Ways story DLC and the Extra DLC Pack. The Extra DLC Pack is a set of cosmetics, costumes, music, and weapons that originally came with a Deluxe Edition.

Though Rich Stanton was critical of what was lost remaking in PC Gamer’s Resident Evil 4 review, he noted that “Resident Evil 4’s greatest fights are all here, bigger than ever, and feel better than ever to wade through.” He also praised the knife parry, a feature that moved Ted Litchfield to call it the “best thing to happen to the series in 18 years.”

PC Gamer writers likewise praised the remake of the Separate Ways DLC, which updated and expanded the somewhat anemic 2005 expansion into a richer experience. Kerry Brunskill said she was a fool for worrying that it wouldn’t be fun.

“Separate Ways still has the same sublimely snappy gunplay that made Leon’s modern remake such a joy, although there’s a noticeable emphasis on silent sneaky kills this time around,” she said.

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