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How to get Acacia in Skull and Bones

Tracking down some Acacia in Skull and Bones is one of the first quests you’ll find yourself undertaking in the open beta. After you escape your shipwreck and arrive in the pirate port of Sainte-Anne, you’ll be tasked with building your very first ship. But in order to construct your pirate vessel, you’re first going to need to craft some tools at the Carpenter and gather wood for the Shipwright: specifically, Acacia.

The only problem is that Skull and Bones isn’t the clearest about harvesting resources, especially when they can be hard to spot despite map markers, and you do all of said harvesting while still on board your ship. Either way, here’s how to find and harvest Acacia so you can progress the Tools of the Trade quest.

Where to find Acacia

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There’s plenty of Acacia pretty close to the port of Sainte-Anne, where you get the Tools of the Trade quest that requires it from the Shipwright. The two easiest to access nodes are just to the north-east, through the little gap between the rocks that you can sail your boat between.

Admittedly, it can be quite hard to spot the Acacia nodes since you’re looking for trees hidden in… well, a bunch of other trees. If you can’t pinpoint them exactly, you should mark the resource node on the map with the right mouse button, which will create a glowing pillar of light you can see, making it easier to track its location and make your way towards it.

How to harvest Acacia

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To gather the wood itself, you’re first going to need the Saw I upgrade you can acquire at the Carpenter in Sainte-Anne. Luckily, this is the previous step in the quest, so you should already have one. Simply sail close up to the resource and press F when the Harvest Acacia prompt appears.

This will begin the little minigame for resource gathering: as the saw moves, click the left mouse button when it’s in the green zone for optimal woodcutting. Alternatively, if minigames sound like a chore when gathering resources, you can turn on Auto Harvest in the Gameplay section of the Settings menu—this will disable resource gathering minigames. Now, all you need to do is deliver that Acacia back to the Shipwright to continue the quest.

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