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Square Enix doesn’t do big Final Fantasy discounts often, but the exceptional XIII trilogy is less than half price for the next few days

If, like me, you think Final Fantasy XIII is an elite-level FF series then I’ve got good news for you—you’re 100 per cent correct and have superb taste in games. Give yourself a pat on the back, you legend.

If you don’t think Final Fantasy XIII is an elite-level FF series then, um…well, this is a bit awkward. Yeah, I got nothing… sorry. Maybe just leave this article and go read PC Gamer’s write-up of the other best deals in the 2024 Steam Spring Sale.

Unbelievers left? Let’s proceed with the other piece of good news—the entire Final Fantasy XIII series is currently discounted by 60% in the Steam Spring Sale, meaning that regardless of if you’ve previously stepped into the shoes of Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning (what a gal!) and now want to relive those adventures, or if it’s a series that passed you by originally, now is a great time to jump into its epic Fabula Nova Crystallis world.

I’ve personally played and enjoyed all three Final Fantasy XIII games (indeed, I’m currently replaying the epic concluding game in the series, Lightning Returns), and can vouch that this is some top-tier Final Fantasy-ing and excellent JRPG gaming in general. I’ve got some buying advice below for those who are new to the series below, but first here are the details on what’s on offer.

Final Fantasy XIII | $6.39/£4.39 (60% off)

Final Fantasy XIII | <a href=”” data-link-merchant=””” target=”_blank”>$6.39/£4.39 (60% off)
The opening game of the FFXIII series is well worth playing despite the first half of it being very linear. Slip into the shoes of heroine Lightning, as she and allies fight to carve their own destiny in the world of Gran Pulse and its floating continent of Cocoon.

View DealFinal Fantasy XIII-2 | $7.99/£5.19 (60% off)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 | <a href=”” data-link-merchant=””” target=”_blank”>$7.99/£5.19 (60% off)
The second game in the series is considered the best of the three by many gamers, despite the fact that you play predominantly as Lighting’s younger sister Serah Farron, as well as male protagonist Noel Kreiss, who must journey through time to find her.

View DealFinal Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns | $7.99/£5.19 (60% off)

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns | <a href=”” data-link-merchant=””” target=”_blank”>$7.99/£5.19 (60% off)
The closing game in the series is the most mature and complex of the three. As the title implies, this game sees the return of Lightning as protagonist, and is set many years after XIII-2. A unique and mature gaming experience, as well as a fitting conclusion to the trilogy.

View Deal

My Final Fantasy XIII series buying advice

In terms of buying advice, I only really have one piece of wisdom to pass on here. If you’ve not played any of these games before then don’t start with Lightning Returns. This isn’t just because of coming to it without experiencing the story beats of the previous games (which is something you can easily catch up on in YouTube compilations if you so desire), but more because it is a very complex game that marries an astonishingly open design with a strict and oppressive doomsday clock game over mechanic. Without going into any in-game details to avoid spoilers, the fact is that in Lightning Returns you only have a set number of days to beat the game and win and, if you don’t, it’s game over.

Upon failure, a cool (and very much needed unless you use a guide) New Game Plus mode is then unlocked, which allows you to have another crack but entering the game with all your abilities and gear, something that obviously helps massively. But you will then obviously replay good chunks of the game and its story so, while Lightning Returns is my personal favorite of the trilogy, the odd structure and assumed knowledge makes it the wrong place to start. I’d suggest starting with XIII or even XIII-2 (set three years after the original game) first.

Last few points of interest on these PC gaming versions of the XIII series, they come with a host of PC benefits that the original PS3 releases never got, such as better framerates and resolutions, plenty of DLC content, and my favourite thing of all, unlocked Japanese voiceovers with English subtitles (the perfect combo IMO). These discounts are available until 21 March by the way, so if you’re interested, I’d strike while the iron is hot. Enjoy!

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