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This real-world Angel Lamp from Alan Wake 2 actually works to make you feel like you’re stuck in a horror novel of your own creation

Feel like you’re trapped in a horror novel of your own creation? Here’s the home accessory for you! Prop maker and game designer Cloak&Kill on X has designed their very own Angel Lamp from Alan Wake 2, and it actually works to ‘steal’ or ‘return’ light from their house.

Modelled after the Angel Lamp that helps Alan Wake navigate some of the deepest depths of his own hammy writing, the real-world model comes with an angel statue and working light bulb atop. The original 3D model was made by itsandyvalentine and is over on cults3d to download for $10 or £8. Cloak&Kill modified it to fit all the necessary components to make this awesome prop work.

So, how does it work? Cloak&Kill offers a short explanation of the actual tech inside:

“…the tldr is I’m using an Arduino nano 33 iot to connect to the Internet/Alexa and then sending udp packets with an on/off command to my life lightbulbs.”

Oh, that’s right. The real-world Angel Lamp is also Alexa compatible, which Alan Wake could only dream of.

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You can see the Angel Lamp in action in the video embedded above from X. There are also some pictures of the Angel Lamp alongside some classic Wake accoutrements, such as *bag* and *light*. Scroll a bit further down to see a flood of messages saying how absolutely excellent it is, and I’ll join that chorus. To recreate the lamp is impressive, but to have it actually work as it does in the game is something else entirely.

If you haven’t played Alan Wake 2 yet, I couldn’t recommend it enough for its superb graphics alone. That said, we awarded it with Best Story in our 2023 Game of the Year Awards, and it’ll be tough to top it in 2024.


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