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This new wireless keyboard will make you kick your old one to the curb

For many PC Gamers, once you’ve tried a mechanical keyboard, there’s no going back to the old way of life. The enthusiast has gone mainstream. Don’t like the exact feel of your keys? Switch ’em out! Need a tactile distraction from the slog of data entry? A proper KB could be your answer. If you’re looking to take the plunge, Corsair might have the perfect place to start. Its new K65 Plus wireless keyboard is a stylish option with tons of functionality that brings enthusiast-level features to mainstream gamers. It’s the perfect companion for composing another startlingly erudite social media post or keeping your killstreak alive while playing an FPS with the squad.

Dialed In

Many keyboard companies have spent the last decade chasing speed and features, but the real differentiator is improving how they sound, how they feel to hold, and how they feel to type on. No matter what you’re using to play games, comfort is paramount. A keyboard, controller, or mouse needs to be reactive and comfortable to use for hours upon end.

The K65 Plus wireless keyboard gets the first thing right immediately—the keys. Its pre-lubricated Corsair MLX Red linear mechanical switches provide smooth, responsive keypresses for gaming and typing. The pre-lubed PCB-mounted stabilizers enhance the type-feel even more. It also comes with two layers of sound dampening for those who aren’t as interested in the typical pings and clacks of mechanical keyboards. The bottom layer is tooled silicon pad to improve the acoustics, as well. When you spend as much time at the computer most gamers do, typing acoustics are important.

My favorite quality-of-life upgrade, though, is the multifunction rotary dial. The versatile dial can control scrolling, zoom, RGB brightness, and more. It makes navigating a workspace so much easier after mastering it, giving you even more options to control your media, apps, and games.

Fewer Wires. More Wins.

A constant complaint about anything wireless is battery life. We always want more, and your keyboard dying during a MMO raid simply isn’t acceptable. The K65 Plus, though, isn’t going to put you in a position to let your guild down. With the RGB off, this keyboard will keep you gaming for up to 266 hours. That’s more than 11 straight days of gaming.With 1,000Hz polling rate, I don’t even want to calculate how many button presses that can be…

Some might want it wired, and that’s fine, too. You’re given multiple options for connection, including low-latency 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or wired via USB with secure AES encryption.

While you’re clearing up room by getting rid of wires, this is a 75% keyboard, so you’ll have plenty of room for sweeping mouse movements. You’ll save space while saving (outer) space.

RGB All Day

Let’s not pretend aesthetics aren’t important when it comes to your PC. Most people who play games are on their PC every day. Of course, you want to enjoy what you’re looking at.

Corsair has put a lot of thought into the appearance of the K65 Plus, and it shows. The per-key RGB will make your desktop shine with customizable lighting effects. Hop into the powerful Corsair iCUE software to sync your keyboard’s lights with the rest of your setup to create a personalized, immersive environment suited to your every in-game move.

It’s not just about the lights, though. The PBT dye-sublimated keycaps will keep your keyboard pristine, resisting fading and wear. They’re more durable and long-lasting than standard ABS gaming keys and don’t wear away from prolonged usage. Utilizing PBT dye-sublimated keycaps also allows for support of Mac and PC legends on the keycaps thanks to their precision. The midnight-gray and silver design will complement your PC, making sure your computer setup is visually pleasing.

Skill Meets Style

It’s taken me a long time to consider a new mechanical keyboard, but the K65 Plus makes a strong argument. This keyboard makes enthusiast-level features more accessible, all while managing to sound and feel better than your standard gaming KB. Just make sure you’re better half isn’t enraged by the signature thock as you click on heads all evening long.

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