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Every Phase 2 class quest in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

As World of Warcraft Classic’s wild Season of Discovery moves into Phase 2, a slew of class quests arrive alongside the new level-40 character cap. These longer questlines are only available to specific classes, and they award major items and abilities.

Warlocks get their demons and the fiery Felsteed mount, Shamans get new totems, and Warriors get both a weapon and Berserker Stance. Paladins get their horse, and mages get new gear. Here’s every WoW SoD Phase 2 class quest, and where you need to go to start them.

Mages get a wand and offhand or staff

How to start: Look for the quest at your class trainer at level 30.

Mages will get a class quest from their trainer in their faction’s major capital city that will lead them to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh. This is a long quest chain that will take you to Shimmering Flats, Arathi Highlands, and even the Scarlet Monastery dungeon—but at the end, you’ll have a nice selection of wands to choose from.

Be warned though: this can be challenging until at least the mid-30s due to the power and density of the mobs in the required questing zones.

Tabetha can be difficult to find, as she’s off by herself in Dustwallow Marsh. Look for her at coordinates 46,57.

At level 35, she’ll also offer mages a separate Celestial Orb questline that leads to an offhand or staff. Be careful doing this one, as the line requires killing multiple level 40+ elites, including one that’s spell-immune, as well as a gauntlet of level 40 mobs in a specified amount of time. It’ll take you to Desolace and the Uldaman dungeon in the Badlands, and starts with the quest The Infernal Orb.

Paladins pick up their nifty Warhorse mount

How to start: Look for the “Tome of Nobility” quest at your class trainer at level 40.

One of the major benefits of being a paladin is the free ride that comes with it, in the form of the Warhorse. This incredibly short questline starts with any Paladin trainer at level 40. It’ll take you to the Stormwind Cathedral; turn it in, and voila! You have a spell to summon your mount, with no mount training required.

Shamans get new totems

How to start: Talk to Searn Firewarder in Orgrimmar at level 30.

In a quick quest, Shamans get their Air Totem questline at level 30, which gives them either nature resistance or the ability to fizzle out an enemy spell. Chat with Searn Firewarder next to Thrall in Orgrimmar to pick up the quest which sends you to Thousand Needles. Once there, speak with Prate Cloudseer, whom you can find along the valley wall northeast of Freewind Post, at coordinates 53,42. Talk with Cloudseer and you’ll get your totem.

Warlocks get the felhunter, demons, a mount and gear

How to start: Talk to your class trainer at level 30.

Warlocks luck out in this level range, as they get a couple of new demons to summon and some nice gear. The level 30 quest will send you to Strahad Farsan, on the hill outside Ratchet in The Barrens. He’ll give you a questline that will award the ability to summon a Felhunter as well as hand you a nice 16-slot bag.

You’ll be sent to another quest-giver (which one varies depending on your faction), who will send you to Thousand Needles for the pages of a manuscript—they’re in a brown chest inside a cave at coordinates 44,33 in the hostile centaur area—and a Moldy Tome, which you can find in a camp of murlocs near Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills, at 28,73.

Once you turn those in, you’ll be sent to the Wetlands to kill Dragonmaw Spellcasters to get three Rods of Channeling. You turn those in to Farsan in Ratchet, who then has you summon a felhunter and kill it, after which you earn the ability to summon your own.

At level 35, you can get a quest for an offhand or a staff. Briarthorn in Ironforge or Demisette Cloyce in Stormwind City will start the quest if you’re Alliance; if you’re Horde, find Zevrost in Orgrimmar or Kaal Soulreaper in Undercity.

They’ll send you back to Menara Voidrender in Ratchet, who’ll ask you to choose a path and then give you a quest to get an orb from the warlocks in Mannoroc Coven (the Burning Blade Summoners, in Desolace). I recommend choosing the Felhound path, as it’ll give you weapons with shadow damage.

Take the orb to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh at 46,57. Warning: Turning in this quest and picking up the next summons a level 40 elite. It’s possible to kill it at level 36 with a Void Walker tanking if you constantly fear, but you’re better off bringing a friend or two. Once you’re successful, return to Menara in Ratchet for your reward.

The Felsteed mount quest is an easy one, much like the Paladin’s Warhorse. All you need to do is talk with Farsan again at level 40. He’ll give you a quest, you’ll talk with him again, and voila! Fiery horse.

Warlocks also get the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe questline, which results in a nifty intellect chest armor item. It’s available at level 31 from the warlock trainer areas in all cities and sends you to Menara again. Before you leave town, you’ll want to buy or make a Robes of Arcana (tailoring item) and a Gold Bar.

Pick up her quest and turn in the Robes. She’ll send you to Booty Bay, to a guy who wants your gold bar and gives you other quests. The quests will send you to Desolace to farm materials, then back to Booty Bay, then to Arathi Highlands, then back to Menara. You’ll receive a snazzy robe for Phase 2’s endgame content.

Warriors get Berserker Stance and new two-handed weapons

How to start: Speak to your class trainer at level 30.

Finally, a warrior class quest series awards you the Berserker Stance and Intercept abilities, and a choice of three nice rare two-handed weapons. Start with your class trainer at level 30, who will give you the quest The Islander and send you to Fray Island, off the coach of Ratchet.

You’ll fight a series of five mobs in an arena to claim your new ability. Stepping on the grate in the arena summons the next adds, so summon, move away, fight, regain health, then rinse and repeat. Demoralizing Shout will fear all the waves except the last guy. Don’t just stand on the grate and fight unless you have friends or seriously over-level the quest.

Once you’ve turned it in, a follow-up questline will award you one of those two-handed weapons. You’ll head to Alterac Mountains to meet with Bath’rah the Windwatcher at 80,67. You’ll need eight Earthroot; eight Charms of each type (Burning, Cresting, Thundering) from fire, water and thunder elementals in Arathi Valley; and 30 Bloodscalp Tusks, which you farm in Stranglethorn Valley.

The charms and the Earthroot are purchasable at the auction house if you have the gold to spare. When you turn in the items, you’ll have to fight a level 40 elite. Finish that up and you’ll have a shiny new weapon!

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