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Bandai Namco has canceled ‘at least five’ games following a drop in sales, would like to remind everyone it still has ‘large-scale downloadable content for Elden Ring’ on the way

Figures from Bandai Namco’s recently concluded third fiscal quarter (via VGC), show its digital division performing poorly compared to the same period last year, with income falling by a huge 96.5%. A statement accompanying the figures explained the dramatic drop-off was due to an understandable inability to replicate the massive success of Elden Ring, despite Armored Core 6 and its Dragon Ball and One Piece games doing fine.

“In the future,” they said, “we will build an optimal and well-balanced title portfolio, examine our development system carefully, and strengthen development with an emphasis on quality.”

In a subsequent Q&A, a spokesperson for Bandai Namco added, “We have also decided to discontinue the development of at least five other titles under development and have recorded a loss on disposal.”

Looking ahead, they’re confident that Tekken 8, which sold well at launch last month, will continue to bring in money. “Tekken 8, which is already on sale, is also ahead of expenses for this fiscal year, but it has been well received by fans and is expected to contribute to repeat sales in the next fiscal year,” they said. And, of course, Bandai Namco isn’t done milking Elden Ring, though Shadows of the Erdtree is likely a ways off yet. “As for the lineup of titles under development, we are preparing large-scale downloadable content for Elden Ring,” they said, “and a new Dragon Ball game, so please look forward to these titles.”

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