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You can nab Respawn’s singleplayer catalogue—including the Jedi: Fallen Order series—for just $45 on Steam right now

For reasons unknown, there’s currently a massive Steam sale on the singleplayer games by Respawn until February 20. Titanfall 2 and 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order can each be had for under $5, while last year’s Jedi Survivor is currently 50% off, or about $35 (first spotted by PCGamesN).

I have to issue a mea culpa: I’d been sleeping on Respawn. I secured both Jedi games in sales over the years, but never got around to them. That changed after I snagged Titanfall 2 in this sale, blitzed through its perfect FPS campaign, and moved right into Fallen Order immediately after.

Titanfall 2 is the redemption of every mediocre iron sight shooter I’ve ever played, a bombastic, constantly surprising campaign that never wears out its welcome in an approximately seven-hour runtime. It’s like the gaming equivalent of an action movie you had zero expectations for when entering the theater, but becomes the sort of thing you’ll always watch to the end when you find it on cable.

After rolling credits, I jumped straight into that Fallen Order copy I’d had moldering in my Steam library, and was similarly pleasantly surprised. I’m an old Expanded Universe die-hard, so I’m slow to admit when I like something out of Disney’s rebooted Star Wars continuity. Fallen Order really channels the magic of the old Jedi Knight games though, and it’s also a bafflingly good 3D metroidvania. Even protagonist Cal Kestis, who’s been my go-to punchline as a boring videogame guy and Star Wars character name in recent years, is growing on me.

PCG staff writer Morgan Park loved Jedi Survivor in his review last April, and I’m hopeful that a year’s worth of patches have ameliorated some of the rough performance issues he encountered in its PC version⁠—that’s one benefit to waiting this long to check out a game these days. For another silver lining, maybe this game’s chops-bustingly massive 130 gig install size will finally get me to crack open my PC and slot in this new hard drive I got on sale forever ago.

You still have a few days to take advantage of this sale before it ends on February 20, and I strongly encourage you to join me in becoming “Respawn-pilled” as the kids say.

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